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Marine fisheries production, although stagnating over the last two decades, has been contributing 55% of global fish production. Increased awareness of fish as a unique nutrient-rich health food, as well as source of quality animal protein, has stimulated the demand for fish in general and marine fish in particular. Over the last two decades, the Asia-Pacific region witnessed a spurt in fishing effort, resulting in dwindling fish catches. Although species richness, high fecundity and varied spawning peaks helped tropical marine fisheries overcome the challenges of higher fishing pressure, high exploitation of commercially important groups has caused serious sustainability concern. Climate change will also likely have considerable impact on fisheries sustainability. For marine harvests to keep growing, mariculture must also receive increased emphasis. Accessing extensive and reliable information on these vast and dynamic oceanic resources remains a challenging task. In this endeavour, the Asian Fisheries Society’s efforts, with support of partners, through the formation of AsiaPacific-FishWatch has been exemplary in generating and disseminating a wealth of information on the region's marine resources. While this comprehensive information base has been helping in drawing up strategic management plans for responsible fisheries by different countries in this region, I sincerely wish that the AsiaPacific-FishWatch will expand its scope and horizon in coming years by associating with more stakeholders involved with the sector.

- Dr. J. K. Jena, President, Asian Fisheries Society

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Sunday, 18 August 2013 07:31

About Us


AsiaPacific-FishWatch delivers essential information on fish harvested or farmed for food in Asia-Pacific.

This online information is being developed by the Asian Fisheries Society and partners. It will grow to cover the main commodities produced in Asia and the Western and Central Pacific and Indian ocean areas. Asia-Pacific produces two-thirds of world fish.

AsiaPacific-FishWatch will contain information from the sea, river, lake or farm to the mouth and inform you about the whole supply chain, its people and operations. Our aim is to explain Asia-Pacific fish products for consumers, the general public, fish exporters and importers, development agencies, fisheries managers and scientists.

AsiaPacific-FishWatch contains the highest quality information available, and is reviewed by the top experts in each commodity and subject. It is non-partisan and does not engage in advocacy. In our content, we emphasize information relevant to sustainability and people in the supply chain.

AsiaPacific-FishWatch is being developed by a wide range of experts based in regional and national aquaculture and fisheries agencies and independent bodies.

We welcome your feedback so that we can improve the information we provide.

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